How We Work

Money Matters provides a friendly service with experienced and knowledgeable mortgage executives who can get you started with your financial and mortgage needs. Our professional team understands and knows the markets in Dubai and UAE, seeking out the most competitive deals which meets your mortgage requirements.

Our mortgage approval process is as follows:

Make Initial Contact with Client

Contact and meet our mortgage executive so that we understand your requirements so as to achieve the best possible product available in the market suiting your needs. As part of this you may need to discuss finance requirement, your existing residency, credit history and the property you are looking to acquire and your mortgage, financial expectations, interest rates and all charges involved and documentation required.

Client Documentation & Review

Given the clients approval our services, we would request and collect all relevant documents needed for submission. These documents will depend on your profile, status and whether you are employed, self-employed, resident or non-resident. All documents will be reviewed by the mortgage Executive and we may need further clarifications or in some cases additional supporting documents so that we can secure a Pre-Approval from the Bank.

Competitive Search & Selection for Best Product

Once all the documentation process is completed, we will find the most competitive and suitable products. The client will have multiple options to choose from and these would be discussed in detail with costs and timescale ensuring that the client fully understands all the options so to choose you right mortgage product that meets their requirements and status.

Applying for the Pre-Approval & Its Validity

Money Matters will formally apply for pre-approval on the mortgage the which may take around 3-5 working days unless there are further requirements in which case we would communicate this with the client. Once you are pre-Approved by the Bank the validity may vary from 30 to 60 days.

Property & Valuation

Money Matters will need to ensure that you sign a property MOU with your Real Estate Agency. This may be important to ensure you are adequately covered with to your mortgage finance. The bank may also require this as part of the final approval process. The Bank will also do an evaluation of the property to determine its real value and basis of final Mortgage Approval. Your mortgage executive will advise you this.

Completion and Property Transfer

Once all is approved and agreed, the bank will prepare for transfer of your property as agreed and settle the mortgage finance.

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